Attic, the jewel of the building

What is it like to live in an Attic ?. Penthouses are considered the “jewel” of any building. They are the most desired homes and the first to be sold in the real estate sector. As we well know, penthouses provide a touch of exclusivity to the building where they are built. In addition to highlighting that life in an attic carries many advantages and privileges for those who achieve it.

At Villaxmediterranean we specialize in exclusive homes, of the best quality and in the best locations. The penthouses are one of the types of housing that we manage and with which our clients have been totally satisfied, not only because of our service as a real estate agent, but also with the homes that we offer.

Like any home, it has its pros and cons. Of course, these are aspects that we must take into account when buying any property. For this reason, we want to show you what are some advantages and disadvantages of buying and living in an Attic. Our goal is for you to understand how the attic differs from other types of properties, what are its advantages and disadvantages and what aspects you should take into account when buying an attic. Finally, show you what properties we have for you in Villaxmediterranean and tell you a little about them. They are properties with all the luxury, we know you will love them.

What is an Attic?

¿Cómo es vivir en un Ático?Attic is the name given to a house that is on the top floor of a building and that also has a large private terrace. These types of homes can be single-storey or even two-storey (the renowned Duplex Penthouses). A few decades ago, the upper floors were considered low-level, since they were intended for service personnel or were even used as a storage room. However, with the growth of the real estate sector, the last floors of the buildings have appreciated. In fact, today buying an attic can be 20% to 40% more expensive than the same homes built in the same building.

Additionally, the price must be added to the increase in cost due to factors such as height, since, the higher it is, the more expensive, the location, orientation, views, among others. Many of the people interested in acquiring a new home are willing to buy an attic, not only because of its great advantages, but also because currently living in an attic is a sign of status.

Advantages of living in an attic

Beautiful views

Of course, a great advantage of the penthouses is that they can be both in the city center and on the beachfront. Just by making this clarification, you can imagine the incredible views that you can enjoy from your home.

Maximum natural light

One of the aspects, for which many of those interested in acquiring their own home are inclined towards attics. It is because in these a 100% use of natural light is achieved. The large terraces, the large windows and being at the top of the building, allow the entry of natural light, thus achieving that almost the entire house remains illuminated and looks more spacious.

Greater outdoors opportunity

Most penthouses have terraces and / or balconies. Thanks to the fact that they have these private spaces, the owners can enjoy the outdoors. They can easily adapt a garden to the owner’s taste, or put hammocks, sun loungers, among other things. Although it is not very common, there is also the possibility of a swimming pool on the terrace. However, this detail further revalues the house.


Thanks to the incredible location of the attic at the top of the building, it is the home that receives the least noise from neighbors. Since, the possibility that a plant of the same height is next to the construction is very little. Or even if there are two penthouses on the same floor, neither privacy nor intimacy is affected, since the outdoor areas are far from each other.


Attics are rare houses in the city or on the outskirts of it. For this reason, it becomes an exclusive asset that very few people obtain.

Quality investment

As we have previously said, penthouses are exclusive assets. Therefore, they become an excellent investment. Thanks to the fact that they are houses with little supply, a high demand will always be maintained. All this because they are sought-after and easy-to-sell properties, so a penthouse will always be a good investment.

Disadvantages of living in an attic

They are expensive properties and in high demand

As we mentioned before, the price of the penthouses is between 30% and 40% higher compared to the rest of the floors in the building. Thanks to its strong demand, they are difficult to find, since new penthouses on the market are the homes that are first listed and sold.

High exposure to external temperature

Being on the top floor of the building, it is under the roof, making it more sensitive to changes in temperature. That is, during the summer, the attics are even hotter and during the winter, they become colder.

Elevator unit

The higher the floor where the attic is located, the more dependent it will have on the elevator. And this can be a big problem, since, if the elevator fails or is under maintenance, you would have to wait or climb many stairs to get to the house.

Higher maintenance

If we are talking about a new construction attic, it must have a freshly laid asphalt fabric. It is important to remember that this must be changed every 20-25 years. If not, there may be a leak or leak problem. In addition, due to the terrace, it requires more maintenance and cleaning, since it is a space that is exposed to what happens outside.

Additional aspects to consider

To buy your attic, it is important that you take into account several aspects. These aspects must be: the square meters that the house has, whether or not it has a terrace, its orientation, air conditioning systems, the legal situation of the terraces or roofs and the presence of buildings of equal or greater height around it.

As we can see, acquiring and living in an attic has many advantages. Regardless of the disadvantages, these properties are among the most desired and the first to be sold in the real estate sector. That is why at Villaxmediterranean we have for you a variety of penthouse options, with incredible locations and unsurpassed quality.

Our best penthouses

New construction duplex penthouse for sale in Benidorm on the Poniente beach front line

¿Cómo es vivir en un Ático?

Central duplex penthouse apartment on 1st and 2nd floor of 230.40 m2 built, 112.81 m2 built closed and 96.68 m2 of terraces, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, open kitchen fully equipped with appliances, closed garage. High quality construction following the latest architectural trends and top quality materials. Complete installation of air conditioning through duct, underfloor heating and elevator.

Located in Residencial Tamarindo Benidorm, a unique and privileged place on Poniente beach. Where you can live in contact with the sea and the sun all year round, in a private residential complex consisting of 8 modern luxury apartments. With pool and private garden in front of the Poniente beach in Benidorm, 4 ground floor apartments on one level and 4 duplex penthouse apartments.

For more information, enter VIEW PROPERTY and contact our real estate agents.

Modern new-build penthouse for sale in Benidorm Poniente beach

¿Cómo es vivir en un Ático?

Duplex penthouse apartment of 130 m2 built with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 toilet, living room, fully equipped open kitchen with appliances, closed garage, complete installation of air conditioning through duct, underfloor heating and elevator. A unique and privileged place on the west beach. Where you will enjoy living in contact with the sea and the sun all year round in a private residential complex with 4 homes with the best views of the entire bay of Benidorm facing the Mediterranean Sea.

If you are interested in this property, you can enter VIEW PROPERTY and learn more about it.

Super luxury penthouse for sale in residential Ocean Suites in Altea

Exclusive luxury penthouse for sale in residential Ocean Suites Altea with views of the sea, Sierra de Altea, Sierra Helada and the famous Benidorm Skyline. They are 440 m2 built, (293.62 m2 housing, 146.80 terraces), 3 large bedrooms with fully equipped fitted wardrobes, 2 bathrooms with shower and bathtub and 1 toilet.

The master bedroom has a spacious dressing room and an en-suite bathroom with a shower and bathtub. The 3 bedrooms have direct access to the terrace and enjoy fantastic sea views. The kitchen is equipped with Miele appliances, high-gloss lacquered furniture and a spectacular central island.

The dining room is the main room of this house. It has more than 63m² that house various environments delimited by exquisite lighting. It has a screen-projector that makes it a wonderful cinema room, a bright living room from which you can access a fantastic terrace of more than 112m2 with a spectacular porch, jacuzzi and fantastic views of the sea. The house is completed by the garage for several vehicles with an attached storage room of about 52m², which is accessed through the restricted access hall only for the owners of a house on that floor.

Enter VIEW PROPERTY, you will be delighted with this property.

Modern duplex penthouse of new construction for sale in altea

Duplex penthouse plus basement and solarium connected with internal staircase and private elevator. Private garage space at the entrance of the house, of 257.05 m2 built distributed in 164.85 m2 of housing and 92.20 of terrace and solarium. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 toilet, living room with open kitchen, covered and uncovered terraces with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Bay of Altea. Garage space, high-efficiency air conditioning in living rooms and bedrooms, individual mechanical ventilation system per home, with hygroscopic-adjustable aerators, which favor the renewal of stale air, without the need to open the windows, which contributes to greater savings energy, led lighting, elevator, jacuzzi on the terrace.

We recommend you enter the VIEW PROPERTY link, there you will find more information and you can contact us if you want to buy it.

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