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Get to know the cheapest places to travel this summer, MADE IN SPAIN

Do you want to travel this summer but don't have a lot of budget? You don't have to keep the desire, Spain has for you different destinations that you can travel to without having to worry about your money.


Summer is coming and is the perfect opportunity to rest, share with family and friends, get to know all that Spain offers us in its tourist destinations, its gastronomy, its beautiful beaches, castles, among other things that you certainly cannot miss. However, it is no secret to anyone that the economic situation of both people and the country has been affected by everything that has been going on in the last year, but that this is not an excuse not to share a trip with your family and friends and why not, help the country's economy and tourism.


This is why we are here to give you ideas of magical tourist destinations, which have a diversity of activities that you can know and best of all, without leaving Spain and without spending a lot of money.




Let us not forget that Salamanca is a world heritage site of Spain, so its cultural offer is immense and is an excellent option as an economic tourist destination, and all tourists looking for a place with these characteristics do not fail to choose this beautiful city. As a curious fact, Salamanca offers prices in general 25% cheaper than the rest of the country, making it an excellent option.


In Salamanca you can get to know the main square, cathedrals, exhibition Ieronimus, the University or The House of shells. In addition to its delicious gastronomy that is characterized by Guijuelo ham, chanfaina, Lentils of Armuña, among other delights. Finally, you can take walks along the Roman Bridge, Calixto Orchard and Melibea or Casa Lis.





This magical place is considered the top for a holiday baratillas. Zaragoza is the perfect example when we say "economic tourist destination", as there are places where they can offer you to take a cane at only 1 euro and accompanied by a delicious tapa worthy of Zaragoza!.


In this incredible city you can enjoy La Catedral-Basílica del Pilar, a wonderful Baroque work, just as you can get to know the best museums in the city, as they are: The Pablo Gallardo Museum, Pablo Serrano or the Goya. On the other hand you will enjoy the excellent Zaragozan tapas by the Tube and Historic Center. There are many options that Zaragoza offers you and you can not miss, Do you accept this unparalleled experience?





Cordoba is a fully recommended destination when it comes to cheap trips. Its cultural and monumental offer is wide and is an excellent choice for those who want to know without spending a lot of money.


Córdoba offers you the best typical gastronomy for only 9 to 10 euros, among them are the delights of Flamenquines, Salmorejo or Eggplant with honey. You can visit the famous Mosque of Cordoba, monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. totally free. You will also have the opportunity to get to know La Sinagoga de Córdoba, which is totally free for citizens of the European community. Last but not least, the Mudéjar Chapel of San Bartolomé that you can not miss during your visit through this beautiful city.


So what's stopping you from getting to know this beautiful place? Cheer up, you won't regret it.





This area is 100% recommended for all those nature lovers who want a relaxing time, thanks to its connection and proximity to the Doñana National Park. The coast of Huelva extends a series of large white sandy beaches, where water, dunes and pine forests combine, making this an ideal place for its visitors offering from a lively atmosphere in equipped areas to wild places, full of nature and solitary for a guaranteed rest.


It also has different and numerous marinas, and those who want to enjoy its incredible climate that can be appreciated throughout the year are guaranteed a wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial activities.


What are we waiting for? let's go for this amazing experience.



Since you have a few options from the best destinations to travel with little money, we advise you to enter our website,where you will have many more options where you can travel, with the best accommodations and the best prices.




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