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Alicante is one of the provinces that make up the Valencian Community,it is called as a portcity, since it has a large port where daily boats come and go mainly with goods. It is also known for its wonderful gastronomy, its small villages around which are exceptional for a small getaway from time to time.

It is a city that many people choose to establish their second residence, either for work, studies or simply because they like the city and decide to stay for a season. In addition, Alicante is an ideal city to live due to its great Mediterranean climate throughout the year, a quality of life that adapts to all kinds of people and a very good connection with the rest of spain's cities. It's a very quiet place.


Beaches in Alicante

Being a port city, it consists of a wide area of beaches and coves. To be more precise, 6 beaches and 4 coves.

Its main beach is the beach of San Juan with almost 7km long and 100 m wide, this beach encompasses Alicante and Campello. It is the perfect beach as it hardly has waves, the water is totally crystal clear and the sand very fine. In addition, there are many areas to be able to carry out different activities in addition to a large promenade where you can find bars and various leisure areas.


The beach of Postiguet, is much smaller than the previous one, this one has 700 m long and has all the necessary services around it.

Playa de la Almadraba,this beach has a very special feature and is its dark sand and rocky shore, formerly very popular with fishermen since right on this beach were concentrated the banks of tuna,which allowed its fishing to supply the city.

Albufereta Beach,this beach is located next to the postiguet beach, this is one of the quietest as it is almost always more empty than the rest. In addition, if you go to this beach afterwards you can take a short walk around the surroundings to get to know the Roman remains of when the city began to be built in the 4th century a.C.

Playa de Agua Amarga, it is currently very fashionable that the beaches are Dog Friendly,because if you have a pet, you are in luck because this beach is. In addition, it is a fairly small and cozy beach where you can take walks in tranquility and make your pet relate.

Playa de los Saladares,is the largest after that of San Juan, with 2 km of beach and a feature that stands out above the rest and is that its name comes from that this, was the old salt farm area. Another of its main features, is that it has an area especially for nudists.

Finally, we have the Cala del Cabo de la Huerta,this cove borders the entire white coast and its access is quite complicated so it is less crowded and only a few enjoy its views and crystal clear water. In addition to this, around it there are three other smaller coves coves of the Palm, Cove Cantalares and cove of the Jews.

All these beaches have blue flags,which means that they are beaches that meet all the environmental conditions and all the necessary facilities to make the stay in them a real marvel.


Gastronomy in Alicante

Alicante has exquisite gastronomy that has nothing to envy to the rest of the cities of Spain. This gastronomy stands out for a mixture of Murcian, Valencian and Manchegas influences. As is to be expected, the main food that predominates in its gastronomy is seafood, especially red prawns and mullet.

The most typical dish that we can find in all the restaurants' bars is rice by band. Rice is par excellence the protagonist of gastronomy along the Mediterranean coast.

Also note out are other typical dishes such as pericana,it is a salad of salazones that is taken with toast and garnish ali oli, it is a mixture between cod, dried peppers and garlic.

Borreta Alicantina,another of the dishes that can not be missed in your tasting of the gastronomy of the city. It is a very simple dish composed of a base of potatoes, cod. dried pepper and vegetables.

And finally, the famous alicantine olleta,which we've all heard of. It is an easy-to-prepare potaje with rice, vegetables, legumes, ribs and bacon. To this day, many variants of this olleta have been made but the traditional one is always chosen for its great taste and history.

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